Book 4 Chapter 299

Hurry Up and Take it

"Boss sent us a letter?!" Leguna half shouted.

Neither he nor Vera had written to either Leguna or Annelotte since they'd parted. He was actually troubled by the lack of communication. It felt like they'd cut all ties. Annelotte had made it clear to him that it was for his sake, but that didn't completely resolve his angst.

Now they had finally written. If they'd kept quiet for so long, the only reason they would have written to him now would be because something had come up. He had kept a close eye on them through the bureau, however, and should have been told if they'd gotten into trouble. That said, it did some time for news to travel from the frontlines to the capital. If they'd courier'd the letter with all haste, they could easily have gotten the letter to him before news made its way through the bureau's channels.

He knew Kurdak had suffered...

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