Book 4 Chapter 298

Leguna on the Brink of Breakdown

Kurdak seemed a little hesitant.

"If we can pull this off, you'll get a lot of merits. I'll write a letter of commendation to the emperor myself," Manhattan said.

"You misunderstand, Sir. I've joined the military to serve the empire. I won't deny having thought of promotions, but using my friend to achieve that is wrong," Kurdak said sincerely.

"Good. I like how honest you are--" Manhattan nodded, "--but can you tell me why you're hesitant?"

"To be frank, Sir, my friend doesn't have that good a relationship with First Prince Geoffrey. If I write him to come here, I worry he will be sabotaged. I would never forgive myself if my actions cause him trouble."

"Mister Leguna sure is fortunate to have a friend like you. But..." Manhattan sighed coldly. "--Even if Dark Requiem comes over because of a letter, it's in service of the empire and its people. I doubt Geoffrey would dare criticize him for that. Hmph!...

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