Book 4 Chapter 297

Magic Cannons

Caution flashed across Kurdak’s face. Fighting seemed like a dangerous affair, but Leguna would have it far worse mingling with the empire’s elite.

He was really worried Leguna would get into some kind of trouble because of him. So he tried his best not to tell anyone about their connection. Even when he did reveal it, he made sure to spill only the bare minimum.

So why was Manhattan bringing it up? Did something happen?

The general saw the change in Kurdak’s expression and smiled.

“You’re anxious, huh? Seems you’re quite close.”

“Why do you bring him up, General?” Kurdak asked quietly.

“I have a small favor to ask you--“ Manhattan tapped Kurdak’s shoulder. “You’ve been in recovery for a while now, so how up to date are you on our situation?”

“The empire has broken through...

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