Book 3 Chapter 296


Before, Kurdak had only seen Manhattan from afar. He was only a captain, after all. It was rare that he'd get a chance to meet the commander-in-chief of the empire's army.

But today, Kurdak finally had a chance to meet someone of his rank.

Manhattan was largely built, being around 1.85 meters in height. Despite him nearing his eighties, he still sported a tough and powerful body and walked with a firm and confident gait. He was the epitome of a tough old man.

His skin was dark and rugged and his face was stern as a tree's bark. Even though his eyes weren't large, there's was a captivating light to it. Anyone who tried to read his intentions from his gaze would most likely fail.

Manhattan sported a head of short, white-silver, hair about an inch long. But each strand of hair looked firm as steel wire. His beard also spread...

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