Book 4 Chapter 295



The whole brigade turned into madmen. They all knew what their captain had done for them. And in light of his injuries, they were willing to die if it meant Kurdak could be healed.

Alas, that was out of the question, so instead they contented themselves with massacring every non-friend they could get their hands or feet, or teeth, on.

Vera didn't share their enthusiasm for the massacre. The battle had lost all meaning to her. Even as her body fought, her eyes remained glued on her man. The blackened body lay, motionless save for the slight twitch of an occasional shallow breath, on a small tarp someone had prepared for him.

"You idiot!" she cursed, tears staining her entire face.

The bastard was an idiot. He didn't have any brains! He and Leguna, the little brat, were all the same. They stopped thinking the moment other people were involved. It was all fine and good to want to protect others, but there was no point in dying in the process! Damn idiots, both of them!

Several medics charged over to take a look at him....

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