Book 4 Chapter 294

Heavy Injuries

"Kurdak!" Vera cried when she saw it unfold.

"Captain!" Blackie jumped as well.

"Boss!" Londo rushed over his eyes bloodshot.

He finally realized what Kurdak had been planning to do.

The magi squad's spells were far too powerful for any one warrior brigade to handle. If the squad wasn't dealt with, it would only be a matter of time before the brigade was wiped out.

The only way Kurdak could think of handling the situation was to take on the magi himself. He was the strongest, if not the smartest, man in the brigade, so he stood the best chance of handling them, though 'best chance' and 'good chance' were not the same thing.

He believed in fighting in front of his men. As far as he was concerned, commanders who weren't willing to march into the fight first were unfit...

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