Book 4 Chapter 293

Seatide City

The Empire of Hocke slowly took the advantage on the battlefield seventeen years after its founding thanks to the experts it recruited from the tournament. General Manhattan, the commander-in-chief, didn't hesitate to grasp that opportunity to lead the northerners on a harsh assault on their southern neighbors.

In four short months, the empire managed to reclaim almost four hundred kilometers of their territory on the battlefield thanks to the general's efforts. Currently, there was an army of 60 thousand gathered at the eastern part of the battlefield with the intent on retaking the most important coastal city of the empire, Seatide.

"Londo! Send a f*cking squadron out, will ya? Blackie can't hold on for long! And you, Eibron! Have your mounted archers fire forward and suppress the fireball fire! Don't...

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