Book 3 Chapter 292

Joining the Bureau

Annelotte looked at the people around her. Marolyt was staring at her calmly and patiently awaiting her answer, and Lisana knew this wasn't something in which she had a say, so she ate in silence. Innilis was quite concerned, but she only stared at Annelotte.

Her gaze finally landed on the brat. She said nothing, but her eyes screamed.

"I already made my decision," he shrugged.

"I want to stand at the peak of the world. That's the only way I can protect everyone, so I'm joining the bureau."

"...I promised Boss I would keep you from getting into too much trouble, and I don't break my promises," she said eventually.

"Ugh…" Marolyte stared at the two bitterly, "So you're not going to see reason?"

"It's my choice. You can accept it or not, but you can't change it," Annelotte resolutely, actually looking at the old man.

He smiled sadly.


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