Book 3 Chapter 272

Banquet (2)

"Annie, have you been holding marriage meetings for this girl?" Leguna asked, stepping closer to her.

"Do you think Innie would agree?" She asked coldly, shoving him away.


"I suppose I should introduce you two properly," Annelotte said as she stepped next to Innilis, "This is Miss. Innilis, the herbalist association's youngest ever entrant, and the proprietor of the latest and most effective cold-resistance potion."

Leguna's eyes fell out of his skull. He stared at the little girl incredulously for two eternal seconds before his voice returned to him.

"H-H-Herbalist ass-s-sociation?!"

"Nice to meet you, Mister Leguna." Innilis curtsied nobly.

Her red face broke her aura somewhat, but she at least kept herself from laughing like...

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