Book 3 Chapter 271

Banquet (1)

"Why are you so interested in him, Boss?" Leguna asked.

He knew a little about Alfreid. He was the empire's premier and Ribahns, the magus that took second place in the tournament, was one of his personal employees. That was as far as Leguna's knowledge of him stretched, however. From what little he knew of the man, he could see no reason why his boss ought to be so interested in him.

Kurdak chuckled in a deep voice, "I won't forget him even if I forget everyone else."

"Are you alright?" Leguna asked as he saw a trace of hatred flash across his boss' eyes.

Kurdak stared at Alfreid silently for two more seconds before he spoke again.

"I'll explain later. Just pretend nothing happened."

"Okay." Leguna nodded.

So we finally find each other again, huh? Kurdak though...

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