Book 3 Chapter 270


The word 'friend' might seem quite insignificant. But Innilis didn't think so, because it wouldn't be appropriate to call Lisana a friend without the qualifier 'female'.

The girl knew Leguna didn't have many female acquaintances, to say nothing of friends. The issue was that, apart from Vera, almost all the women Leguna interacted with had a questionable relationship with him.

Innilis thus had every reason imaginable, to her, at least, to be extremely wary of the current situation. It was one thing for Leguna to be with Eirinn and Annelotte, but she wouldn't allow Lisana to join as well!

Lisana gazed at Leguna, puzzlement written in her eyes. Leguna, for his part, was completely occupied with fighting of Innilis's knuckles as they bore into his skull. The little girl pulled his ears, yanked his hair, and bit his shoulders. She looked small and petite, but when she was angry, she was a terrifying monster, like a furious...

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