Book 3 Chapter 269

Remember This

I wonder what position I'll get... Eibron's thoughts wandered yet again. A rare opportunity had finally come his way, so he had to make the best use of it.

But when he turned back and saw his companions, his expectant thoughts vanished, drowned in regret. He should have taken up their offer and joined them from the get-go. He and his team were already famous, while he...

The uncertain tide in the west had flowed in only one direction since Alissanda started acting in the region. The enemy didn't just no longer have working supply lines, but their entire intelligence network had been ruined, and its head, Haden of all people, killed. The cleansing of the man that had organized the last assassination attempt on the emperor was no small feat, and few people could probably match his merits or his popularity in the empire at the moment.

Not only that, even the happy-go-lucky Ley had turned out to be Leguna, though Eibron was even more surprised to learn he was...

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