Book 3 Chapter 265

Father and Daughter

"Umm... About that..." Marolyt's face flushed.

He mumbled for a while without making himself clear.

Leguna looked at the old man's awkward expression for a moment before rolling his eyes.


Leguna's voice gave the swordsaint an urge to throttle him on the spot.

"What are you 'oh'-ing about?" he snapped.

"Hehehehe," Leguna snickered mischievously, "Your relationship with Annie isn't that good, is it?"

"How could that be?!" Marolyt started, "That lass's my beloved daughter and I'm her father! All fathers dote on their daughters!"

"Given Annie's water swayer demeanor and her cold personality, I'm sure the doting relationship you have with Annie is causing your heart to freeze," Leguna teased.

"Ou… Our relationship is warm and pleasant! Don't make things up just because yours is bad!" Marolyt argued.

"Master, you're a saint-ranked expert... Please pay attention to your words," Lisana chided somewhat...

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