Book 3 Chapter 264

Crystal Core of the Oceanic Emperor Whale

"Damn it, I was only teasing you. I didn't think you'd actually believe it!" Marolyt said as he slapped the back of Leguna's head.

"Hehehe," Leguna laughed shamelessly, "Nice to see you, Sir."

"Alright, kid, even though fighting Alissanda for my disciple was a stupid thing to do, at least you didn't let me down."

Marolyt said it in a not quite insulting, yet not quite complimentary, way.

"Are you hot? Let me fan you." Leguna stood up and smiled as he fanned Marolyt.

"Buzz of, sheesh! You want to chill this old body of mine? Isn't the weather cold enough already?" the old man scolded, though he could not prevent a slight smile from creeping onto his lips.

He was a saint-ranked expert, but his unconventional actions made those around him feel more disdain for him than admiration. For all the mandatory respect he commanded thanks to his strength, this was the first time someone was sucking up to him, and he...

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