Book 3 Chapter 258

Wondrous Past

"Big Brother..." Eirinn turned around, wanting Leguna to get her supply box.

When she saw him covered in wounds, dirt, and scars, however, she forgot her words.

"You need the supply box, right? Is it in your room?" Vera quickly asked.

"Yes," Eirinn said absentmindedly as she handed her the key.

"Alright," Vera took the key and dashed off.

Eirinn stared at Lisana, who teetered on the edge, before calmly Breathing her miracles.

"It's serious," a soldier nearby said.

"Her chest is wounded. We should expect the worst," another said as he shook his head.

Any man would feel bad about a beautiful girl dying.

"I doubt it," the first said, "Miss. Eirinn is here, so we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Miss. Nancy can save anyone as long as they still breathe. Miss. Eirinn is her disciple, so she shouldn't...

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