Book 3 Chapter 257

Return to Fort Kesta

That development caught almost everyone off-guard. The mid-order warrior that attacked Lisana didn't think his strike would be stopped. He drew his sword back and was struck from a blind spot.

Vera had shot through his head in a fit of rage, with the arrow burrowing burst out of his left eye. White liquid flowed out of his eye socket and some gray jello stuck to the arrowhead.

The poor warrior blinked his still-intact right eye a little dazedly and slumped as life left him.

"Sneaky bastard, you dare attack underhandedly?!" Vera cursed.

Leguna felt a little weird. Wasn't that his whole shtick? Then again, he couldn't spare any energy to be upset at Vera's comment as Lisana was slowly collapsing herself. Her hand clutched at her chest spasmodically...

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