Book 3 Chapter 256

Self Sacrifice

"Alissanda, Vera, and Lisana will take the lead in the fight. I will linger on the outskirts to protect Vera. Ley, sneak around and tell us anything out of the ordinary," Kurdak ordered.

"Agreed," Alissanda chimed.

"Sounds reasonable," Lisana joined.

"Alright, get ready everyone!" Kurdak drew his sword.

The group snuck up on the outpost.

"I'll take care of the high-order warrior and the three mid-order ones. Lisana, you deal with of the two mid-order warriors quickly and come help me. Miss. Vera, work with Mister Kurdak and deal with the low-order warriors. Don't let them get involved in our fight with the stronger ones."

"Roger!" Vera smiled, raising her bow, "Leave the small fries to us."

"Alright. Off we go. We'll start on your shot, Miss. Vera."

Alissanda raised his lance and approached...

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