Book 3 Chapter 254


"Aaaah... This mission was really close..."

Kurdak hauled Leguna along as he limped on.

"My whole party was almost wiped out!"

"Apologies, Mister Kurdak. I didn't think Saron would be a quasi-high-order warrior," Alissanda said, dissatisfied, "His recovery abilities are far too amazing. It's far beyond what I predicted."

"It's too late to apologize now."

Kurdak was furious. It not for Tamro's incessant pestering, they wouldn't have been dragged into this. If not for Leguna suddenly doing way more than he should actually be capable of, Kurdak, his party, and even the second prince would've been wiped out. The war would have become even worse if that happened.

"I'm sorry, I know it's my fault," Alissanda said, head lowered, "The casualties weren't massive, but my mistake can't be excused....

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