Book 3 Chapter 235


It should be about time Big Brother Leguna came back, right? Eirinn thought as she sorted the medicines in storage.

“Eirinn, patient 371 has more or less recovered. You did well,” Nancy praised as she arrived.

“Thank you, Teacher.” Eirinn said happily.

She had treated fifteen patients so far, and saved fifteen lives. Fifteen lives with her hands. She never thought she could be this useful.

“Very good. Keep doing your best.”

Nancy was very satisfied with her student. The girl was always fearful and self-depreciating, so she had to spend a lot of effort to motivate the girl constantly. It was at least as important a part of her teachings as were medicines and treatment techniques.

“Yes!” Eirinn nodded before turning her attention back to the medicines.

Nancy gave her one last glance before leaving.

“Miss Nancy,” a soldier greeted respectfully.

“Alpacino,” Nancy...

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