Book 3 Chapter 234

Golden Eagle

With a high-order warrior like Kurdak accompanying them, and since they were within Hocke-controlled territory, they weren’t in a rush to continue on to the fort. They instead spent some time resting in the camp.

They didn’t do it just because it wasn’t as risky. Both Leguna and Alissanda were wounded and needed to rest and heal. They were in friendly territory, so whether they stayed at the camp or moved closer to the fort before resting made little difference, and with Kurdak and Vera able to keep watch, little could threaten them.

The two injured were in much better condition the following day. The prince’s git, Endless Source, also started taking effect. Alissanda’s rate of recovering improved markedly as soon as the morning’s sunlight hit his skin. It took him just two more hours to fully recover. Leguna, on the other hand, grew weaker...

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