Book 3 Chapter 219

Geoffrey's Invitation

The moment Leguna’s words left his mouth, Arikos felt the room cool.

Help out?! Huh?! Are you asking Annie to help her love rival look prettier?! Do you know how ‘death’ is spelled?! I’m sure you don’t! But you have to know how to spell ‘suicide’! Are you trying to test Annie’s patience?! Annie will kill us both if you piss her off like that! And here she was calling me out for speaking nonsense... You’re nothing but a pathetic shit! The worst kind of human ever to join the guild’s inner circle! Guess you won’t be satisfied until death comes knocking, huh?!

Arikos shook Leguna ferociously by the shoulders in his mind as he screamed, spraying saliva all over his face.

He didn’t dare do it for real, however. He didn’t even dare breath lest he be turned into ice without even knowing his end had come.

Leguna also knew he was asking for it. He...

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