Book 3 Chapter 218

The One who Cleans Up After

“Looking for me?” Leguna was stunned. He didn’t think anybody from the palace would want to see him. It’s not like I know anyone here... unless... it’s Annelotte! Could it be her?!

“Who is it?”

“Apologies, I’m not allowed to tell you. You’ll see if you come with me,” the soldier replied politely.

Leguna glanced at Kurdak and decided to pay a visit. Since he was at the palace already, what else could he do?

“Go ahead, I’ll wait here,” Kurdak said.

He knew he couldn’t go back right away. He still had to attend the banquet. Geoffrey would be the host. He didn’t like the prince but he couldn’t turn the invitation down.

“Alright,” Leguna nodded.

He circled the palace under...

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