Book 3 Chapter 217


It was Annie after all... Leguna figured it was her Glacial Domain when he felt the sudden drop in temperature. Her appearance confirmed his suspicion.

Annelotte couldn't take Geoffrey's perverse torture any longer and crushed Latie's heart. Naturally, she used her gift rather than a spell because the former didn't need an incantation, which would have tipped everyone off that she was doing something.

Same old Annelotte. Leguna's mood brightened when he realized it was her. That was the Annelotte he remembered. Cold on the outside, warm on the inside. Latie was going to die anyway, so she might as well make it quick and painless.

"Who was it?!" Geoffrey snapped again.

No one answered. Most didn't know what had happened, and Leguna was certainly not going to rat out his woman.


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