Book 3 Chapter 214

Entering the Palace

Even though many were able to shine among the hundred plus contestants of the tournament, the ones who were summoned into the palace were only the top 32. However, not all of them would show up. For instance, an outsider like Legg had long left right after he was eliminated from the tournament. The ones that remained were potential talents for Hocke to recruit.

The bureau of military intelligence also spent quite a bit of effort to investigate their backgrounds. What was odd, however, was that Kurdak and Leguna's mysterious origins weren't scrutinized by the bureau. When Larwin got reports on the two, they only stated that they were two mercenaries who had come from Chino and didn't mention their relationship with Moonshadow and the Eye.

Among Leguna's circle of acquaintances, only he, Kurdak, Eibron and Gerd were given invitations to head to the palace. The four of them finished their preparations early in the morning and followed...

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