Book 3 Chapter 213


Annelotte and Bribahns's match took place as scheduled. Leguna and the others were also there to spectate the match.

Innilis had managed to get herself a banner somehow and scribbled the words Victory to Sis Annie!' on it. That little girl had screamed and cheered like a simple-minded fan nonstop and caught quite a bit of attention.

The ones that came with her tried not to interact with her as best as they could. They didn't want the other spectators to think that they knew the girl because it was far too embarrassing.

That day would come to be one of the most unforgettable days for Bribahns.

The aloof magus didn't bother to observe Annelotte's match at all. Even when the cheers from the audience sounded overwhelmingly in her favor, Bribahns...

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