Book 3 Chapter 210


Leguna stood up and jumped backwards. His body curved in an arc as he jumped through the air to avoid Annelotte’s spell.

Though it failed to connect, Annelotte didn’t look dissatisfied. Instead, a smile crept onto her face.

Finally getting serious, eh? she thought.

[Annie’s dictating as quickly as I can swing my sword!] Leguna couldn’t help but comment. He was only barely holding on. An assassin’s damage-dealing capability couldn’t compare to a magus’s in the end. If he were stabbed by Balor, he could still run around fine. But if he was hit by one of Annelotte’s spells, he would be at least half dead, if not entirely.

[I told you, you aren’t her match,] Gahrona said nonchalantly. She was rather delighted at the sight of Leguna being suppressed, [Don’t forget Annie’s a magus. That’s the scariest class. Don’t think just...

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