Book 3 Chapter 209

Leguna Versus Annelotte

[So she realized,] Gahrona said exasperatedly, [Annelotte is the greatest in talent, physical ability, reaction time, intelligence and analysis skills, I’ve seen. You won’t win.]

[Huh? What did she realize?] Leguna snapped.

[Think about it! It won’t be too bad to suffer from time to time.]

Seeing that Gahrona wasn’t willing to reveal more, Leguna gave up getting an answer. He took a deep breath and prepared to unleash his third attack.

Annelotte lifted her hand and posed in a manner that allowed her to use a spell at any moment. However, she hadn’t started dictating yet.

Leguna looked at her, and, once he was certain she wasn’t a threat, carefully approached for his third attack. He had a rough grasp on the girl’s movements. If he was allowed to...

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