Book 3 Chapter 208


The surroundings tensed immediately. The crowd chanted their favorites’ names as they stared intensely at the pair. Neither Leguna nor Annelotte moved immediately. As expected of top fighters, they carefully watched their opponent, trying to gleam their intentions and determine the best counter.

Well, that was what the crowd believed. Leguna, at least, was not playing along. He just gazed at his woman. Her gaze was cold, distant, and frosted. She had not moved at all, not even a twitch, but Leguna understood her clearly. ‘Piss me off and I’ll end you!’

Leguna took two steps forward. The crowd cried. The assassin was approaching the magus, but the latter didn’t move at all. Was Annelotte really that confident? She didn’t care about the shrinking distance between them.

Leguna stopped when he they were five meters apart. He didn’t have the courage to take another step, nor to strike at Annelotte. He wouldn’t...

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