Book 3 Chapter 198

Hope for Eirinn

Leguna gazed dazedly at the unconscious giant a few meters from him. He finally realized he was at his limit as well.

Did I win?

He heard a dull thrum in his ears. The crowd was cheering. His thoughts, however, were on another matter completely.

[Teacher, did you hear Annie say anything just now?]

[No,] Gahrona answered, [I have a mental link with you, but I can't hear everything you hear. If someone spoke to you using a conference spell I would not hear anything.]

Leguna tried his best to look at the VIP booth. Annelotte had shown up there before, so he hoped she was there now. He stared at the booth for what felt like an eternity, but it was empty, and stayed that way no matter how long he stared.

A hallucination... he concluded.

Pain assaulted him in that moment and he collapsed. His head bounced on the compacted ground, and the last thing...

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