Book 3 Chapter 191

Legg the Barbarian

Leguna got to know Eibron much better that evening. He even called Gerd over. When he revealed his true identity, Gerd had behaved relatively well, and it was no surprise for him to show up again.

Leguna didn't reveal Gerd's true identity to his companions, however. Such things had nothing to do with them. He was worried telling them would make them go look for trouble. Leguna also didn't want to trouble Kurdak with his teacher's plots, Gahrona was much better at it, anyway.

Their next matches played out as predicted. Leguna, who showed his power, successfully defeated the 13 strata magus and stood at the top of his group; Kurdak had similar results; and Eirbon ended second behind Kurdak, still in the bracket that advanced.

Leguna and Kurdak's opponents were average even...

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