Book 3 Chapter 189

I Love You

As a man and as a boss whose underling was in trouble, his choice was...

Running for his own life of course!

He didn't have the luxury to caring for him in this kind of predicament! Eirinn was one thing, and Kurdak could barely deal with Innilis. But Annelotte? Annelotte?! The Annelotte that was raging mad?!

If Vera's ability to inflict damage was set at a thousand units, then Annelotte, normally, would be a hundred. She was slow to heat up and was pretty docile even when mad. This, however, was not a normal situation. She wasn't just mad; she was livid. She was at least 1500 units right now.

Vera was enough to crush him already. He didn't hesitate to sell Leguna out at all. Camaraderie existed only between those whose lives were not at stake.

"Annie," he interjected.

"Yes?" Annelotte gazed at the man coldly. She only said one word, but her gaze said the rest.

'Say one good...

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