Book 3 Chapter 186

Half a Minute

"Come, come, come! Come and get your bets here!" Leguna called out, "How long will the battle last? The one who gets the closest wins!"

"Five minutes!" Kurdak shouted as he tossed Leguna a gold coin.

"Huh?!" a stranger next to him cried, "That beautiful lass is a magus! A court magus at that! Even if Nigruela has experience killing fighters above his stratum, he isn't that amazing! This'll be long and drawn out. That magus might even lose to Nigruela. You must be joking if you think Nigruela can defeat her in five minutes though!"

Kurdak glanced at the man with a troubled expression.

"Brother, you misunderstand."

"But no worries!" Leguna hurriedly interjected, "Mister, won't you join? It's only one gold coin."


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