Book 3 Chapter 185

Seeing the Glacial Girl

Annelotte got half a kilogram of steak, two slices of bread, ten pieces of bacon, a chicken thigh and two black pepper sausages. She had cleared up her plate before wiping her mouth.

If she were frank, the palace's food was magnificent. Her bad mood only further boosted her appetite. She ate enough for a burly man.

Any woman that found out how slender she was despite her diet would go crazy. And lately she'd been eating double her already large volumes. Despite that, she'd become only the slightest bit softer. What's more, all the softening happened in the right places. Annelotte worlds away from Vera, but she was getting her curves.

"Clean them up," she ordered.

Her palace life was far more comfortable than her former mercenary one. The food was of the highest quality. Her mercenary rations were worse than the food the palace dogs got, by...

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