Book 3 Chapter 171

Return to Melindor

The group arrived at Melindor a few days later.

"Three years ago, I left in a pathetic state. But now I'm back again! From today onwards, nobody will boss me around!" Leguna couldn't help himself.

"Hey, Ley! Come and pay the coachman, quick! We must pay our bills!" Kurdak cried,

"Ley! Come take Innie and Eirinn's luggage! Why aren't you aware about these things?" Vera rebuked.

"Big Bro, I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat!" Innilis beckoned.

"Thank you, Big Brother."

Eirinn was the only one who spoke to him respectfully. The good vibe he felt vanished and his declaration vanished. He and Kurdak always had to carry the luggage. Kurdak was Leguna's 'big brother', so the kid always had to carry most of it. He was no different from a servant.

He was the strongest in the group, but still sat...

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