Book 3 Chapter 165

Exploiting Misfortune

"There's nothing to negotiate. The commercial street is my territory," Loden said coldly. He was initially curious why Blackjack wanted to see him and just found out they wanted to take a bite of Bloodhand's meat.

"Forgive my frankness, but I doubt you can make that decision for the whole brotherhood. Unless you're saying your leader's already agreed and you're just relaying his decision," the other man countered.

"I'm here to represent myself."

"Alright. We don't need you to decide immediately. Just pass the words on to Mister Taewon."

"You don't even need to think to know the boss won't agree!"

"Really? Does Mister Loden really think so?"

"The boss is no idiot. Why would he agree to a deal that cuts his profits? The boss aside, are you telling me Blackjack will agree as well?" Loden smirked.

"Of course he won't. Most normal people won't do something...

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