Book 3 Chapter 163

Find Me a Shrink

"You want to bring misfortune to Bloodhand?!" Hans was frightened out of his mind. For Leguna to say something like this early in the morning... He has to still be asleep!

"Yes," Leguna nodded matter-of-factly, "I don't care how much they damage Semralsin. They messed with me, so they will pay."

"But... you already killed the people--,"

If he were honest, what happened yesterday bothered him.

"--Not enough." The way Leguna saw it, the bandits' lives were worth nothing compared to Eirinn's fingers. The bumbling fools had to pay. It wasn't just compensation for Eirinn's loss, but payback for what they did to everyone else.

"What's your plan?" Kurdak asked.


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