Book 3 Chapter 162

Starry Night (2)

"The owner?" Leguna inquired. He only saw the chubby woman.

"He was a nice man called Cook," Eirinn said, "I was dumped in the slave market in a small town. If I wasn't sold off fast enough I would just starve to death."

Leguna's fists tightened once again.

I was so close to never seeing her again. Thank you, oh gods in heaven, for keeping Eirinn safe...

"He pitied me, so he bought me and brought me back here. I would've died long ago if he hadn't taken me in."

"Where is he now?" Leguna owed him a thanks for saving his dear friend.

"He… He's dead."

Leguna suddenly remembered the woman had said her husband had died a drunkard a few years earlier.

"Did... he drink himself...

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