Book 3 Chapter 156

The Chaotic Province

"It's only been two years since we last met. I didn't think you'd change from a toilet-scrubbing monkey to a rich scion," joked Hans as he sat in the comfortable carriage.

He had never even dreamt of imagine such an outcome. He recalled Leguna's appearance two years earlier. He was thin and scrawny, and covered in dirt because he'd never bathed. There was also a distinct sour stench about him. Apart from his wit-flashing eyes, he was really no different from a mud-covered monkey. But this monkey had now grown into a human in just two years.

While Leguna was slender, he stood 1.8 meters tall. He couldn't be considered huge, but he far from as puny as he used to be. Additionally, after Kurdak picked him up -- for lack of a better expression -- he paid attention to hygiene....

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