Book 2 Chapter 148

Leguna vs Balor (6)

Balor was stunned. He thought back to Ferd's dying expression in a daze. Rage, despair, disappointment, pointless hate... Those expressions were familiar to his young, naughty self. Every time he made a mistake, Ferd's face would have those expressions.

He took what his father did in his last moments to heart. He only remembered that they were the same during his childhood when Leguna reminded him.

Did he really think that before he died? Could it be that he actually considered me his son? Was this how a father was supposed to act? Could I have misunderstood him? Did I? No! I didn't!

"Don't joke with me!" Balor cried, wriggling weakly, "You're lying! You don't care about me! None of you do! You're trying to pull the wool over my eyes!"

"You coward!" Leguna slapped again. "Who hasn't bullied someone else? Who's never been bullied before? Are you condemning the whole world because your sister made a single mistake? You're the real coward here! You have no right to point f...

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