Book 2 Chapter 147

Leguna vs Balor (5)

Leguna's expression was wild and savage. He gnashed his teeth as he waved Lighteater.

I must have this! Only one chance! roared Leguna internally. In order to fulfill his promises, he had to make full use of the fraction of a second he had.

Balor stared at the brat furiously. Would the little shit use shadow blink to dodge his attack? He knew its properties well. Whenever Leguna used it, some black smoke would seep out of his body and cover him. As long as the smoke was absent, he could not blink. He focused all his attention on the brat, both to defend from attack and be ready for shadow blink.

Ten meters, five meters, four, three, two, one, contact!

Until the moment Leguna raised his sword, Balor didn't see a trace of black smoke. So, no blinking?...

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