Book 2 Chapter 146

Leguna vs Balor (4)

Waves of impressive shadow impetus flowed out of Leguna's body continuously. It twirled around the youth in a chaotic frenzy and formed a smooth black sphere two meters across.

Though Leguna was tens of meters away, Balor felt the shocking amounts of energy the sphere radiated.

He's released all his impetus. What in the world is he doing?!

The reports he had on the brat said he had a gift capable of temporarily raising his impetus by several strata. No one knew the details, so, when Leguna released his impetus, Balor thought the gift was already at its limit. It appeared his assumption was incorrect. The sphere suddenly collapsed. The kid in the middle of it all growled in intense pain.

Not enough! Not enough! Not enough to defeat him! Stronger! I have to become stronger! Even more...

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