Book 2 Chapter 140

Training in the Black of Night

"Admit defeat, child. You are not Mister Leguna's match," advised Kiranou in a surprisingly warm voice.

He was aware how proud Rhodsias was. Such a public loss was no small blow to him. If Kiranou rebuked him on top of his humiliation, it would break him completely.

Rhodsias didn't perform badly anyway. Kiranou, were he to be frank, could not match the kid's talent. It was just that there were always other better at things. It was just too bad it had to be such an arrogant brat of a human! Anyway, the star's two defeats weren't because of his ineptitude, but because his opponent was unnatural.

The brat was a shadow dancer. How could a normal person raise their power by two strata so quickly? How could a normal person teleport through space? Only the gifted had that kind of power. As long as such people didn't...

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