Book 2 Chapter 139

Fighting Blind

"Since you didn't hurt me just now, I won't hurt you either," Rhodsias muttered in orcish, which Kiranou translated.

"Oh. Nothing sounds more relieving than this," replied Leguna smiling, blindfolded.

The moment Leguna spoke, Rhodsias pinpointed his location. He dropped the weapon in his hand and charged forward unarmed.

Leguna tensed. He could barely feel something coming his way. He tried to duck sideways blindly but Rhodsias predicted his movements. He sent his left leg straight into Leguna's torso.

It almost forced out Leguna's dinner. He rolled on the ground haggardly.

{Pay attention to any movement you notice! Without your eyes, you have to use your ears and nose as well!}

Despite the kid's atrocious performance, Gahrona was decently satisfied. Her initial estimate was that the first attack would end it for him, but he was toughing it out for at...

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