Book 2 Chapter 138

Instant Defeat

Kiranou's expression darkened. He translated Leguna's words into orcish for the others to hear.

All the orcs snapped angrily.

"So Mister Leguna has come here with for that... Ebony is indeed a good dagger. It was to be offered to our tribe's strongest youth. While an old guy like me doesn't mind giving it to you, the youngsters won't allow it. I will not wound their hearts for a human either."

Leguna laughed.

"I knew there would be orcs unsatisfied by this. I will accept any challenger."

"You need not agitate them," Kiranou shrugged, "We old people have weapons we've used for years and know well. We are not like humans, we do not exploit the young and naïve. Rhodsais is considered one of the tribe's strongest youths. As long as you can convince...

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