Book 2 Chapter 137


The next morning, Leguna mentioned his upcoming trip to Bladedge to Oljharok.

"You're going to Bladedge?"

The chief had no idea how the kid came up with such outlandish ideas.

"Yes. It's the cradle of orc assassins. I have to go there before my duel. I might get something."

Oljharok fell silent for a moment.

"...It's not that you can't... I just don't have a way of keeping you safe."

"Oh? So there's a place in the empire you have no power?"

Though he wasn't too worried, Oljharok's tone made it sound like there was something special about Bladedge.

"That's not it. Orcs respect the powerful. Bladedge is even more severe in this respect. Imagine a human like you from a different race heading there. Even if you bear my name, they'll cause trouble. If you're weak, they'll even kill you and not think much of it."

"I see. I'll take care of myself. I just need an escort. I'm most afraid...

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