Book 2 Chapter 122

Awakening and Benefits

Oljharok turned to his guard.

"Is he not awake yet?"

"It's been three days but he hasn't woken up yet," replied the guard, bowing slightly.

"If this keeps up, he won't make it in time to save his friends... or that young girl," muttered Oljharok.

He sat quietly, thinking, for a while before coming to a decision.

"Bring Leguna to the ancestral altar. I want to establish another link."

"As you wish, Great Chief!"

Just as the guard was about to leave, another ran over, shouting as he did.

"Great Chief! Great Chief! The human woke up!"



Leguna stared at the guard next to him. He had wanted to ask the orc to bring him some food, but he realized he didn't know how to speak orcish.

"Ah, it's important to learn more languages..." Leguna sighed.

A magnetic female voice rang out in his mind as he started becoming frustrated....

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