Book 2 Chapter 120

Inheritance Ritual

The next day, Leguna received a notice from Oljharok right after he finished breakfast. The inheritance ritual's preparations were complete and they would begin in the afternoon. Oljharok would personally conduct the ritual.

Leguna was impressed that the orc wasn't just the great chief of the empire, but the high priest as well, given his abilities as a high-order shaman. In human terms, the orc had power over the administration and the religious, he had complete power over orc society.

He responded curtly. He didn't tell Annelotte about this, mainly because they were still mad at each other, and also because it hadn't been set in stone yet. It was far from certain that the ritual would succeed. Telling the girl about it didn't have much meaning. He also felt that he needed to keep it a secret since Annelotte was clearly prioritizing her work in the party over her personal involvement; the moment...

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