Book 2 Chapter 109


Considering he would be on the run for the coming days, Leguna didn't dare to fully unleash Host of Darkness. He just infused two-tenths of his dark-aspect impetus into his body. Based on previous experience, it was enough to raise his combat capabilities quite a bit but would only weaken him afterwards instead of knocking him out completely.

Though it was only two-tenths, it still allowed his stratum to rise to 13. His other capabilities were strengthened by approximately 40 percent as well. He could feel the power surge in his body. It was a very refreshing sensation, if he wasn't careful, he might become addicted.

Power really is the most wonderful thing, thought he.

He wondered to what extent he could push his power if he used everything for Host of Darkness.

The Eye's members observed the kid's stratum increase by two strata. They looked like they'd seen a ghost. They didn't panic, though.

It's just one more person. It doesn't matter...

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