Book 2 Chapter 103

Let's Head Back

'Arrogant', 'provocative' and 'insane' were the words that popped into the heads of everyone present. As members of the Eye, they had a rough understanding of Grand Magus Hladik. He was a 17th-stratum high-order magus that specialized in pyrokinetic spells. Though he couldn't be considered the strongest magus in the guild, he was among the best. How could he get the position of vice-president otherwise?

And now, some kid from who knew where, an assassin who'd just joined the high order, claimed he would take the grand magus' life in three months? He even warned the latter to clean his neck? Perhaps 'insane' wasn't adequate to describe the youth. 'Idiot' might be more fitting.

Just as everyone was getting pissed and shocked at the kid's startling arrogance, his form moved. Host of Darkness's effect would wear off soon. Not only would he return to the 11th stratum,...

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