Book 2 Chapter 102

In Three Months

Annelotte's magical barrier was as brittle as an eggshell before Nabir's Death's Finger.

The dark crimson energy pierced through the two barriers protecting Leguna. The moment before he was struck, black smoke poured out of his body and he vanished. Nabir's insidious smile turned into an expression of shock and fear. He labored to turn his head around and check behind him.

Leguna breathed haggardly. He drew Flameblade out of Nabir lightly, fearing his movements would be too rough and harm the man more than necessary. He didn't want him to die so easily. To him, death was an act of mercy, of deliverance, which the magus didn't deserve.

"How..." muttered Nabir.

His Death's Finger should've struck, how had the bastard instantly appeared behind him? Not only did he avoid the fatal strike, he even managed to severely wound him.

Did the brat unleash all his speed...

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